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Dear Madam/Sir,

Aleksander Vasiljevic, recorded with Panasonic NV-DX1 Digital Video Camera on June 30, 2000
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Good and thank you for visiting my home page.

I provide translation and related services:
from English and Hungarian into Serbian
as it is my native and most used language.

Here you can find detailed information regarding my work as a freelance translator, including samples of my work, some glossaries made by myself and links to some of my favorite translation-related sites.

However, I can also provide translations into Bosnian, Croatian, Hungarian, Macedonian and Slovenian through the network of my trusted colleagues, proven professionals with whom I cooperate on a regular basis (almost daily).

Please use the buttons on the left or the links at the bottom of this page to access the information you are looking for.

If you are just looking for my CV, it can be downloaded in Word format.

Also, please check the availability section.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please direct them to the following address:

I am looking forward to our cooperation.

All the best,

Aleksander Vasiljevic
Technical Translator & Localizer

Last update: December 1, 2006

A cable TV channel complete broadcast translation signed.

New mobile number: +381 64 51 77 678.

Husqvarna Catalogue 2007 translated into several languages.

JVC General Catalogue 2006 II translated into Serbian.

Serbia and Montenegro are now independent states.

Trados 7.2 upgrade.

New phone number: +381 21 63 65 088.

AnyCount 4 localized into Serbian.

Translated Synarc X-ray equipment user manuals with the help of a medical doctor.


'From reviewer: "I have done the Serbian version myself and I can tell you that for a long time I did not have such a pleasure of reading something like it was reading this material. It is perfect, both language and technical terms. I changed a couple of terms just because they have deep roots in Serbia for 25 years, even the translator's terms are good as well."
It is always wonderful to get that kind of feedback from a client and we commend you for the excellent work!' - Carol Davis, SH3

'Serbian translation was the best when we did the final check.' - Vladimir Pedchenko, AIT

'It's good to know that one is dealing with honest people.' - Anders Fjallstrom, Originalar'n